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Due to Health Reform most every person in the county will need to have health insurance by March 31st, 2014 or pay a penalty. Carefirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the largest insurer in Maryland, offers Health Reform plans to meet your needs and budget without sacrificing quality. Brooks Benefit Services, LLC will be your advisor when you sign up for Health Insurance through Carefirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

   ·      Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Plans

   ·      Guaranteed Coverage-No Medical Questions Asked

   ·      Dental Plans Available

   ·      Sign Up For Coverage In as Little As 15 Minutes

   ·      Plans To Fit Every Budget

   ·      Affordable Care Act Compliant  

   ·      Avoid Penalties 

No medical questions and coverage is guaranteed! 

 Dental Plans are also available!

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